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Writing New Jewish Poetry Class @ Hadar

October 30, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Starting on Monday, Oct 31st I will be teaching a “Writing New Jewish Poetry” workshop at Hadar Beit Midrash on Monday nights, 7.30pm.

The idea is to bring together a hip group of writers-thinkers to not only look at the ‘canon’ of Jewish poetry, but also dig into various promising forms and molds and tropes around Judaism – the noise of the beit midrash, talmudic loophole, radical mis-interpration, dissociation with tradition as tradition – and to write, using these – and many other – forms. I’d like to look at the rhetoric of Talmudic arguments as transposed into works of Louis Zukofsky & Edmond Jabes, but also things like Shiviti/iconology in the context of modernist tradition of graphic poetry. Most importantly, I’d like to brainstorm with all of you about new directions Jewish poetry could go, to hear you read and react to each other.

There will be 7 sessions from Oct 31st through Dec 12th all on Mondays 7.30-9pm at 190 Amsterdam Avenue (b/n 68 and 69th). Although there will be continuity to the series as a whole, each session will be its own deal, i.e. if you can totally join at any point in the game.

There will be arts programming on some of the Mondays afterwards, at 9.15pm. On Monday 31st, great saxophonist Greg Wall is coming to play his superb brew of jazz-klez, and on Nov 14th poet Jerome Rothenberg will read and speak.

The class and gigs are free. More info: http://www.mechonhadar.org/90at190.

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