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Word from the Wild West Coast

June 3, 2015 Leave a comment

It’s been awhile since the last update! Woa. Lots happened. Firstly, I’m teaching at Kehillah HS in Palo Alto, which I love doing. I’m teaching creative writing, modern and post-modern lit, and Jewish studies. It’s a sweet gig.

Performance-wise, the most memorable recent gig was at Kelly’s Writers House at UPenn. The gig is up on my PennSound page, along with some other stuff, some more recent, and some older.

Current Musicology published a set of my Nign poems, which you can also read on Jerome Rothenberg’s blog, Poems and Poetics.

I also had a few articles out, including this piece on David Antin, and another on David Meltzer, both for Tablet. I had my first piece in Chicago Tribune, as well.


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