Take a look at my page on PENNSOUND for live audio and video of various poems.

Here are some online links to my work.

– A few poems from Cosmic Diaspora in X-Peri magazine

– “Cosmic Deregulation” (poem + audio) in Farther Stars

– Transcription poems in Otoliths Magazine.

-Law of Returning Lost Objects on Jerome Rothenberg’s Poems and Poetics

-Nigun Poems in Current Musicology and on Jerome Rothenberg’s Poems and Poetics

-Poddavki and Concept Score #17 in Ilanot Review

-on Altered Scale, Concept Score #9 and Concept Score #32, both with interpretations by Alon Nechushtan!

-Poem/criticism/meditation on Cecil Taylor Chinampas for Jacket2

The Robe, everwhere, Medievaluation Rag, Like Water Off the Goose, and One Year Plan  in the Forward

-Five new poems Zeek Magazine, including some nigun poems and another concept score

-Adding It Up in Tablet Magazine

-A few new poems up on Acoustic Levitation

-In Jacket2, Concept Score 31, written out as a shape-poem, along with the recording of the live improvisation on the piece. Remix and accompanied by the great Jean Claude Jones

-Moment Magazine has published my “3 AM Nign” poem in their November/December 2012 issue, and it is now up on their website, along with the audio recording of it (made in collaboration with Frank London, Greg Wall, Eyal Maoz, and Uri Sharlin). The music is mostly improvised and a lot of poetry is also a riff on the written version

-Sh’ma magazine republished my piece “Mishnah of Loneliness” with the audio version, and the essay on techniques of improvisation I used in the recording. This piece was recently republished in Jacket2

-Two poems in the New Vilna Review: Induction into Nigun and Forefather

When An Immigrant in European Journal of International Law 2010

-“In The Beginning” in Zeek 2007

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