Some recent Cosmic poems live:

Please Don’t Panic at the Disco
BarStool Alien

Kehillah (Palo Alto, Feb 2016) with Stu Brotman: whole set

Walnut Creek, CA with John Schott and Ben Goldberg (October 2015):

Hermeneutic Stomp with the band at Kelly’s Writer’s House (Jan 2015) and All Points East solo gig (May 2015) – both videos up on PennSound.

Some highlights: Poetics of Emerging, 3 AM Nign, and (Poem Than Needed a Title and Was Named at the Gig As) “Give Me My Mute Please”.

Hermeneutic Stomp CD Release Party @ Cornelia Street Cafe, Oct 2013 with Frank London, Greg Wall, Uri Sharlin, and Eyal Maoz.

A video recording of a set of poems with some commentary around it, loosely on the subject of Jewish poetics at the University of Minnesota in early 2013, as part of the “semi(O)te xt” conference: at

From publication party at the Sixth Street Synagogue, with Frank London, Greg Wall, Uri Sharlin, and Eyal Maoz.

From the Jazz Talmud Premiere with Frank London, Greg Wall, and the Ayn Sof Arkestra:

From Tmol Shilshom gig in early 2009 with JC Jones, Harold Rubin, and Haim Peskoff

Passover Jazz Poetry Special for the Forward (Umtza Redux and R-Word):

Poem “Jazz Talmud,” text and video for the Drunken Boat.

Umtza (Passover Freedom Free Jazz Solo Song)

Bourbon Legends

Genesis Postcard/Stigma

Mizmor Shir

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