Welcome from across the digital abyss!

This is a permanent mind-location of my poems, videos, and rants. You can also find information about my books, recordings, and performances.

New poetry and music alert! My third collection, “Cosmic Diaspora” was published by the Station Hill Press in Oct 2020. For all of the info related to the new book, see https://linktr.ee/jakemarmer

Publisher blurb: “Cosmic Diaspora is Jake Marmer’s third collection of poems. It brings together fantasy, hard-boiled sci-fi, Jewish mysticism, experimental poetics, free jazz, and dark, deadpan humor. Born in the wild steppes of Ukraine, Marmer brings his immigrant experience into a cosmic, diasporic disorientation and attempts to imagine the deep future of myth, spirit, and language. In Cosmic Diaspora, you may also find more than hints of the Talmud, Midrash, and Zohar that allude to alternative realities, some of which exist alongside our own, while others are tangled within it—or are completely unrelated, made of pure Light or pure Text.”

(You can order it here.)

Aaaaand relatedly! An ecstatic inter-stellar collaboration with great John Schott (guitar) and Joshua Horowitz (keys), resulted in a brand new album of poetry-jazz-klez-avant-experiments. The record is called “Purple Tentacles of Thought and Desire” and it features a number of the poems that appear in the new book. You can get it on bandcamp!

Photo c/o of Cookie Segelstein.