Welcome from across the digital abyss!

This is a permanent mind-location of my poems, videos, and rants. You can also find the information about my books, recordings, and performances.


Here is the latest bio:

Jake Marmer is a poet, performer, and educator. His poetry collection, The Neighbor Out of Sound was published by the Sheep Meadow Press in October 2018. He is also the author of Jazz Talmud (Sheep Meadow 2012), and his klez-jazz-poetry record Hermeneutic Stomp was released by the Blue Fringe Music 2013. Jake is the poetry critic for Tablet Magazine. Born in the provincial steppes of Ukraine, in a city which was renamed four times in the past 100 years, Jake considers himself a New Yorker, even though he lives in the Bay Area.

Currently, Jake performs and records with Cosmic Diaspora Trio (ft. John Schott and Joshua Horowitz), a project which brings together experimental poetry, jazz, and klezmer in eclectic, fluid, and improvised manner. Science fiction, Jewish mysticism, exilic and immigrant experience, myth and ritual all make their way into performance in heady and playful admixtures.

Photo c/o of Cookie Segelstein.