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Poetics of Emerging

March 13, 2013 Leave a comment

Last week I spent two and a half days at the “Asylum: International Jewish Artist Retreat”, which was terrific and enlightening on a number of levels. The retreat was heavily focused on “the business” of being an artist, and as a result of that, my anxieties were ballooning as they have not been in the longest time. And so, in the middle of one of the sessions, I began experimenting with “listening poetry”, a method that came together as a result experiencing Elisabeth Workman‘s work which I was lucky to encounter a few weeks ago – and also, reading and re-reading Kenneth Goldsmith’s tremendous “Uncreative Writing“. In brief, I was plucking words out of the panelists’ conversations in real time, and arranging them according to the rhythm that felt meaningful as the panel rolled on. You could say it was an exercise in spontaneous collaging, meant to aestheticize – and anaesthetize – the experience.

The business aspect of one’s artistic experience is not merely some bête noire, tasteless and tactless question that is directly antithetical to, as it were, art – which, of course, is supposed to be selfless, transcendent, anti-materialistic, non-entrepreneurial – ultimately, whatever that means, pure. A week later, as the dust begun to settle, it became clear to me that I haven’t been particularly forthcoming about the extent to which this actually is one of central concerns surrounding, and penetrating my practice. And, like all concerns that are central, and yet heavily repressed, perhaps even shameful, and contradictory to the spirit, it also offers a rich and still unmined potential – for poetics.      


because again and specifically


            and also, then

                        being good


        doesn’t have to be

     about it –

                   (a skill)

how far down the road –

        thinking there,

       shy or not

                if you can’t –

same with writing

           we found other ways

    I would just add that I agree

            as someone who helps her

             because we’re concentrating



                u don’t need –

  what’s happening – should never be –

underscored – it’s just one point  

    my musician friends

                you’d be shocked





but I don’t know

        we talk about it a lot

   people come


                      and of course it’s curated

   I couldn’t agree more

            little space

                 in Bush-




  so yeah where




                           & critics

                that wasn’t there

       instead of,

                   complaining about it,

       u can feel it


we be attributed

                                -to have to remind them

  longer life, it’s strategic

        for sure for sure

                we exactly the same

  small subsidiary        so perfectly




we all competing for audience

        long-term                        doesn’t matter

you have to look for reasons

        they don’t need us

that’s not our mission

        that can’t always happen

didn’t know about me

                        odds higher

   are we supposed to be annoying

                                   all year?

“New York Experience”

called prototype         new forms



                                all that awesomeness

                                 (small circle)

                                that’s how I know –

in your face – in a good way –

               American Realism

& also Chamber

                     it’s a gamble

                  probably won’t make me

u know Rebecca

                by submission

     and so I ended up stepping away



that way there’s more of you

              “I’m an artist I’m an artist I’m an arti…”

at that point

     I just wanted

              to dictate

crap artists   and thats fun but

              institution –

she was a director

              she loves both

as she can

 in sessions & out

              you have to be a clerk

              you have to be two people


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