Jake Marmer

Gigs Coming Up!

Hey all,

Tonight, I will be doing a jazz poetry set with superb drummer Haim Peskoff at Yeshivat Hadar on the Upper West Side – starting 9PM sharp. Info: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=176430559052572.

On Saturday night Dec 25th, I’ll will be performing with Ayn Sof Arkestra at the Tzadik Label festival hosted by the Sixth Street Synagogue! More details re the festival to come but the fest will be ground-breaking – intense line-up of some of Tzadik’s most illustrious representatives.

If you happen to be going to Limmud UK, I’ll be there and will read on Mon Dec 27th 3.30pm. Doing a few other sessions there as well.

Lastly, pls mark your calendars for Wed Jan 12th – I will be playing some of the Jazz Talmud material with Frank London and Greg Wall at the Cell Theater.

These might be the last few gigs for a while!